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10 Best Kabuki Masks to Buy in 2024

One of the most differentiating characteristics of kabuki as well as other Japanese drama forms is definitely their unique and beautiful masks.

They come in a bunch of different styles all of which are available at our shop. Today we are going to look at the best masks to buy in 2024. Whether you are using it as a Halloween mask, are planning to go to a masquerade party or are just into Japanese culture you must surely take a look at the following selection of masks, as it contains the essence of Japanese kabuki culture.

Demon kabuki masks:

Buy Demon Mask

A form of oni mask, these masks are widely popular across the world. Their overextended frown makes it easier for anyone to identify them.

This mask, in particular, is a white and red one with black accents. Its color scheme is perfect since it uses the three main colors involved in kabuki culture. Overall the evil kabuki mask is great for anyone looking to buy a scary mask for Halloween.

Hannya mask:

Buy Hannya Mask

This next mask is simply stunning to look at. It has a dark metallic look that gives it a really robust and premium look. the silver-toned finish along with the beautifully etched symmetrical lines makes it one of the best-looking masks on the market right now. We have a huge selection of these masks so be sure to check them out, here.

Half fox mask:

Next up is the half-face fox mask. Instead of the top half of the face being exposed this mask does the opposite and exposes the lower half. The mask symbolizes a fox which in Japanese culture is seen as a benevolent and sometimes as a mischievous animal that brings messages from the Shinto god of prosperity.

This mask in particular also has the Yin Yang sign on its forehead symbolizing equality and interaction of both the positive and negative forces in life. In short, it looks great, feels great and has that essence of Japanese culture embedded in its design. The half fox mask is a great mask for women that looks amazing.

Kabuki mask (traditional):

Next up is the traditional kabuki mask. This mask is simple in its build but is beautified by the symmetrical and vibrant black and red lines. It’s incredible look also holds a deep cultural significance. The lines and colors used were the exact same ones used hundreds of years ago at the onset of this style of drama. These paintings on the masks have drawn the attention of the people for thousands of years and still to this day continue to do so.

Kojo mask:

This mask is known as the Kojo mask, it portrays the face and identity of an old man. It was used to symbolize the age, wisdom, and dignity of the character. It’s used in most Noh plays around the world. Its design along with the magnificent attention to detail makes it one of the best kabuki masks to buy in 2024.

Premium Oni mask:

The Oni mask is a premium and extremely detailed mask with some very prominent features. Made to represent a violent god seeking revenge.

It’s sturdy horns and tough-looking facial features make it a great choice for anyone looking to buy a fearsome mask.


In Japanese culture, tengu are mythical creatures that live in the forest and the mountains to protect nature. They were at first thought to be associated with war and rage however as the years passed people started to look at them differently and now they have become protectors of the forest.

This Tengu mask has been beautifully crafted and expertly designed as it contains all the essential elements of traditional tengu culture.

LED Kitsune mask:

If you want something that is a little flashy and exotic then the led kitsune mask is for you. Its special led design makes it unique and at the same time represents the traditionality of kabuki culture due to its kitsune look. This beautiful and extremely detailed mask is a perfect fit for any masquerade or Halloween party.

Okame mask:

The Okame mask is a mask of good fortune it symbolizes positive behavior and well being. The mask is of a Japanese woman who brings happiness wherever she goes. Definitely of the best masks, you should buy.

Hyottoko Mask:

The Hyottoko is a comical mask that always has absurd and surprised faces. Its role in the drama industry is, as expected, of a comical figure. It’s a great mask for anyone looking to buy a Halloween mask.


Incase, you are willing to make your own kabuki mask than here is your guide for that.

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