Hannya Wooden Mask


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The famous Oni Hannya wooden mask is here at kabukimask.com. Grab it ASAP and decorate your home’s walls to ward off evil spirits.

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Hannya Wooden Mask- For Home Decor

Hannya masks are mostly used in the theatre plays to depict the character of a jealous woman. This hannya wooden mask posses two sharp wooden horns, metallic eyes, and leering teeth.
This hannya wooden mask is rare to found now, but you can easily get this mask from kabukimask.com. This mask is hand-carved and polished to give your home a perfect look. Grab this one for the decoration of your home; also, we are offering free and fastest shipping, so enjoy it as well.

  • Material: wood
  • Size: 22*12*8cm
  • Net Weight: 29.2oz

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