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Noh Hannya White Mask

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Walk-in by putting this amazing looking noh Hannya white Mask and expect all eyes on you. It’s all hand-painted and designed with eco-friendly PVC.

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Noh Hannya White Mask- Symbol of Noh Plays

Noh plays have significant popularity in Japanese culture, so does the Noh Hannya white Mask has. Plus, if you are a theatre or drama actor from Japan, then you would surely desire to have this Noh hannya White mask.

We keep the construction of this Mask looks natural so that the wearer (drama or theatre actor) could easily describe the story through the expressions of the Mask. As wearing face paints and makeup is quite challenging and damaging for your skin as well, so this noh hannya white Mask is for the rescue.

The eco-friendly PVC will not harm your skin or environment when it comes to size so adults can wear this Mask (unfortunately kids this Mask is not for you! ). Except for theatre plays, one can wear this Mask as different festivities to become the center of attraction. At, you will get this Mask with free shipping!
So grab your Noh hannya white mask with free shipping and look attractive and unique.

  • Material: eco-friendly PVC
  • Size: Adult Size
  • Net Weight: 0.32oz

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