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Large Premium Hannya Kabuki Mask

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A full face premium hannya kabuki mask is actually what you need if you are a Japanese drama or theatre actor as it is used in several Noh and Kyogen plays.

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Large Premium Hannya Kabuki Mask- For Theatre Actors

Another masterpiece at, yes, you got it right we are now offering you this large premium hannya kabuki mask in the affordable price range and amazing features. The high-quality resin is the basic material of the construction of the mask.

This large premium hannya kabuki mask is majorly made for theatre plays or drama where actors need these masks to play a particular role and whole elaborate story towards his audience.

If you are looking to buy this amazing mask, then this is the perfect place because provides you with the best hannya kabuki mask in a large size, so do not confuse with sizes. Other than that, offers free and fastest shipping, so buy this mask and enjoy the amazing experience.

  • Material: High-quality resin
  • Size: 15*12.7cm
  • Net Weight: 4.4oz

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