White Noh Mask (Expressionless)


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This expressionless mask is the face of a young woman who always looks like this. Those who are theatre or drama actors kabukimask.com is providing you with top quality noh masks.

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White Noh Expressionless Mask for Theatre or Drama Actors

Noh is a Japanese word that means skills or talent, and it is the form of classical musical drama of Japanese culture. This white noh mask is also originated from these noh theatre plays and dramas. It is believed that wearing this mask makes a person dominant, a person gets more energy, and the person gets healed from that particular energy.

This mask is made of ceramic, and one can tie this mask on his face with ribbons that are fixed in it. One can put on this mask for long theatre plays and dramas as the intention of making this mask is to depict the clear roles and noh tradition to the people.

You can buy this mask from kabukimask.com, and you can also enjoy our free and fastest shipping to have an amazing mask buying experience.

  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: 14*22.7*9cm

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