kitsune mask annd history of japanese fox mask

What is Kitsune Mask – A complete Japanese Fox Mask History

There are countless celebrations and festivities throughout the world, and people learn their culture during these festivities and celebrations. It is essential for people to interact with other people and know about their culture and festivals. At festivals and celebrations, you meet different people and get a chance to learn about them, their culture, the way of life, ways of clothing, types of food, and various pieces of art done by multiple artists.

Japan is a culture rich country with an overwhelming history to remember. It contains a blend of cultures admired by various people around the world. Similarly, there are several festivals and theater plays held in the country, and people travel to attend these festivals. Shinto festival is one of them that attracts most of the people’s attention towards itself.

In festivals during Japan, people wear masks, and kitsune masks are the most popular ones with respect to festivities, and people buy the kitsune mask (fox mask) for fun purposes. These masks have the face of the fox, which has major significance in Japan. Fox is associated with God, and in Shinto religion, they have a God named Inari. God is highly beneficial for agriculture, fertility, and the protector of rice. According to them, foxes have special spirits; that is why they made kitsune masks for various occasions.

What is a kitsune mask?

Kitsune mask is referred to as a fox mask, and it is a special mask worn by Japanese on special occasions. Conclusively, kitsune masks are made by taking the physical characteristics of the fox. People wear this mask to pay tribute to their God (Inari). These masks are also used by people for ritual purposes and available in several colors, shapes, and sizes; hence anyone can wear them.

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History of Japanese Fox Mask

During ancient times, the Japanese lived close to foxes, and over time, they start thinking foxes are evils or symbols to destroy evil thoughts or deeds according to the situation they are in.
At the same time, there was native religion Shinto, and they believed that foxes are the messengers of Inari (their God). To pay tribute to their God, they created several shrines and made statues of foxes to please both the messengers and God.
This was the history from where fox or kitsune mask takes birth and get renowned. Everyone in the world knows about them, and the Japanese believe in them.

Who can wear Kitsune Mask?

People believe that foxes are the messengers of Inari. For this reason, people held festivals during rice harvesting every year, and several people buy this kitsune mask to enjoy the celebrations to its fullest.
More than festivities, this kitsune mask is also renowned among people due to its unique shape and construction. So it is famous among people around the world. There are no strict rules to wear these masks, so anyone who can afford these masks can wear these masks anytime, anywhere he wants.

Types of Kitsune Mask

In Japanese culture, there are good and bad foxes, and hence they are divided into several types. So the significant categories are Good Foxes, and Bad Foxes and then two groups are subdivided into thirteen different types that include: Kaze, Chikyu, Kasai, Sand, Yama, Mari, Jikan, etc. that is the reason we have a wide variety of different Kitsune masks at

Where to buy Kitsune Mask?

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