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Japanese Demon Bone Mask Made of Resin

Japanese demon masks are top-rated among Japanese due to its demon characteristics, every person thinks of it a bit different, some think its a power to eliminate demon from human and the other perspective is that it is the demon itself. Same is the case with these Japanese demon bone mask that is made of resin. Usually, finding these bone masks is pretty challenging, so we at took an initiative to provide you with the best Japanese demon bone masks made from resin. This resin material is not at all damaging to your skin, so you do not need to be worried about it as well. Grab one, and we’ll welcome you as our regular customer. 🙂

Half Face Animal Skull Mask with a natural look

Everyone keens to have a natural look along with unique masks putting on their faces. But how is it possible? So makes it possible for you to look natural by putting on these Japanese demon bone masks or half face animal skull mask. These animal skull masks are made of human friendly material that won’t damage your skin and keep you look attractive. You can use these bone masks as Halloween skull masks as well. For getting these bone masks visit and find the best skull mask for your Halloween party.

Different Shapes of Bone masks

There are several types and shapes of bone masks some of them are as follows;

Closed Jaw Bone Mask

This closed Jaw Bone mask is the best choice for wearing it on theatre plays, parties, Halloween, celebrations or festivities. One can feel the authenticity, and premium quality of the closed jaw bone mask on putting it on hid face.

Demon Jaw Bone Mask

Demon jaw bone mask is used to depict demon in you, if its really inside you. This mask is again made of resin, which is human friendly material that won’t damage your face. It is the best bone mask for theatre plays, parties, celebrations, and festivities.

Oni Devil Bone Mask

As oni has major specification in theatre plays in japan hence here it is another version of Japanese oni devil masks i.e., oni devil bone mask. Like other bone masks, it is also made of resin material, which is not harmful to your skin. To get this oni devil bone mask visit

Samurai Devil Bone Mask

Another most renowned mask is here in our list in its bone variation. This samurai devil bone mask is best for theatre actors or also best for those who love to look unique.

Samurai Half Face Bone Mask

This half face bone mask is the best choice for every kind of wearer to give you a unique look at parties, festivities, celebrations, and one can wear this samurai half face bone mask in theatre plays as well to elaborate his character.

Sizes of Demon Skull Masks

There is no hard and fast rule of sizes of demon skull masks, although all the masks are best fitted to every age group. Although the same significant size differences are mentioned below along with the mask name, so don’t get confused in finding the best suitable mask according to your face shape.

  • Dragon-17*13.5cm/6.7*5.3″(H*W)
  • Tengu-16*15cm/6.3*5.9″(H*W)
  • Tiger-14.5*11.8cm/5.7*4.6″(H*W)
  • Yaksa-17*13.5cm/6.7*5.3″ (H*W)
  • Nue-15*11cm/6.7*5.3″(H*W)

To get the best size according to your face shape, keep these measurements in mind and then go for buying any of it. For further details and for queries, visit

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