What is Kitsune Mask – A complete Japanese Fox Mask History

There are countless celebrations and festivities throughout the world, and people learn their culture during these festivities and celebrations. It is essential for people to interact with other people and know about their culture and festivals. At festivals and celebrations, you meet different people and get a chance to learn about them, their culture, the […]

Kabuki Makeup 101: How it’s done & What Makeup is best for it

They did extensive makeup to portray certain characters and emotions. It gave kabuki a unique look that people to this day still enjoy. Although both makeup and kabuki masks were used by the people practicing kabuki, It is a well-established fact that the actors would prefer applying makeup rather than use masks. Even at times […]

What is Noh Theater and its Purpose in Japanese Culture

Noh is a form of theatre involving music, dance and drama. It is developed along with Kyogen which are comical pieces which are played during noh performances. Noh is derived from the Japanese word that means skill or talent. It is the major form of art and drama in Japanese culture. It is also based […]

10 Best Kabuki Masks to Buy in 2023

One of the most differentiating characteristics of kabuki as well as other Japanese drama forms is definitely their unique and beautiful masks. They come in a bunch of different styles all of which are available at our shop. Today we are going to look at the best masks to buy in 2023. Whether you are […]

Kabuki’s Origin: History of Kabuki in the Japanese Culture

  Kabuki is a form of drama that incorporates the elements of storytelling, dance and acting in a very beautiful and refined manner. It’s one of japan’s oldest cultural heritages. It’s a form of art that is enjoyed by all classes of Japanese society. Although the language spoken may be hard to understand by most, […]

How to Make a Kabuki Mask

Japanese masks have a traditionally rich history. They are used occasionally in theatres, festivals, or rituals. They are associated with several tales and myths which no one surely knows are true or not. These kabuki masks represent people, creatures, devils, god, ghosts, and animals. Here we have provided you with the easy ways to make […]

8 Most Famous Kabuki Plays Ever Made

Kabuki is a very famous form of art in japan. It has a very rich history and is considered to be an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It focuses on the stories of historical figures and also discusses various moral conflicts. The stories and the visual performances are simply mesmerizing to look at. Kabuki has […]

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