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Real Plague Doctor Masks Collection

It is often difficult to find an e-store, or a store for that matter, that specializes in plague doctor masks. Worry no more. Because we bring to you the most historically grounded masks of all times.

Halloween is right around the corner and so are our patterned masks and costumes. So, without further due, order away your favorite pieces. We’ll find you wherever you are and ship to you your beloved plague doctor masks.

But, today, let’s take you behind the scenes. Let’s show you what our professional artisans do to put up the world’s best plague doctor masks for sale. The world comes to us to shop the most real plague doctor masks. But why? Simply because of the premium quality that we deliver.

Now you may ask where does the superior quality come from? To answer that, let us tell you that each of our designs are handmade. Our style range includes traditional, dark, steampunk, gothic, post apocalypse and many more.

We understand how passionate you are about the plague doctor shaped masks. That’s exactly why we put up these masks for sale. Grab them right away because you don’t really need an occasion to wear them.

History of Plague Doctor

It is common for plague doctor fans to wear his attire on Halloween, cosplays, fancy dress competitions, thematic events, and roleplay shoots. Thus, we all know what the beak shaped mask looked like. But who really knows the history behind all of this?

Here’s the story of John Watson, more commonly known as Plague Doctor. He was one of the few brave heroes who didn’t abandon London when the Bubonic plague broke out. Mind you, this was a time when the elite class and their family doctors fled away.

John was new at practice. He treated uncountable patients before he realized he was risking his life in the process. Hence, he started wearing the famous mask and full-body costume as a protective gear, while he interacted with victims.

Pattern of Mask

Due to the utmost coverage and protection provided by the beaked masks and overall costume, soon this uniform was adopted by warriors. If you’re a historian, you must’ve seen a lot of scythe and raven wearing the same.

The beaked mask and appended costume soon became symbolic for terror- be it a deadly disease or a deadly war. Needless to say, the doctors fighting this mysterious disease were no less than warriors. As the plague spread, so did the popularity of this attire. Salute to the frontline warriors cum doctors.

Now, coming to the detailing of the masks. While you shop for your favorite plague doctor mask, you are truly liberated. To give you the true ‘do-it-yourself’ feels, here’re all the options that you have.

So, our plague doctor masks are made up of tanned cowhide leather, waxed thread, acrylic lenses, and belt buckles. If you are on a budget, we’ve an option for you too. You can go all vegan and try a plague doctor mask made out of synthetic leather.

You want to have fun the doctor’s way, simply tell us your favorite pattern and combination. We’ll put all pieces together. And there you have your beak!

Authentic Black Death Masks

Although, you might be planning to wear the black mask as fun and games, we take care of authenticity that goes into it. After all, it was doctor’s uniform. Since Plague Doctor believed that the plague spread through bad air, he stuffed his mask’s beak with dried flowers, herbs, and spices.

He recommended his patients to improve the air quality of their houses by doing the same. Hence, our authentic black masks will also reach to you lightly scented and fragrant. We have only the authentic masks for sale.

And they’re black for a reason They symbolize their inception- their need as a shield against black death or Bubonic plague.

Live customer support

Do you know about 20% of London’s population got wiped off from Earth just because of misinformation? Yes, while everyone thought that the plague was contagious, it was actually being spread by rat and fleas. Sigh.

To culminate this problem of confusion and misinformation once and for all, we have live customer support operational for you. So now, you can seek our help in dressing like Plague Doctor any time and from anywhere.

How convenient is that!
Also, the bubonic plague turned into pneumonic plague in the later stages. We’ve learnt our lesson from history. We ensure that customer issues get resolved at the earliest.

Hence, Kabuki Mask support staff is ever ready to serve all Plague Doctor’s fans. We believe in Plague Doctor’s ideology. We wouldn’t abandon you when you need us most. We care so you can shop without worries.

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