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Japanese Hannya Mask for Sale on Kabuki Masks

Kabuki Mask is renowned for manufacturing the best demon masks. So here we are with our other type of Oni mask which is Hannya masks. These are one of the most famous Japanese theatre masks all over the world. Hannya is mainly the name of a person who made this mask and then explained that this mask depicts the sadness and anger that comes out of jealousy within a noble-woman. There are three kinds of kabuki hannya masks in which the red Hana mask is the most popular one in terms of theatre plays or dramas.
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Origin of Hannya Mask – Why it is so Scary?

Japanese Hannya mask is used in both Japanese noh and kabuki theatre play. The name of the mask is originated from the name of its manufacturer .i.e. Hannya-bo. Hannya is mainly a female character that depicts anger and sadness from jealousy, and this is the leading cause of these masks being so scary as jealousy is one of the feelings that you can’t hide not you can even control it. This can convert a friendly woman into a demon real quick. Hence you can say that Hannya is one of the essential characters in the noh theatre plays.
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Why is Traditional Hannya in Red Color?

Not everyone is well aware of this fact, but traditional hannya is of three types. Shiro hannya (white mask), aka hannya ( red Hana mask), and Kuro hannya (black mask).

White mask or Shiro Hanya

White masks represent the refined woman with an elegant character. It is the noblest character. But the white skin expresses the state of jealousy of the noble-woman.

Red Hana mask or aka hannya

It is the description of the woman with half insanity. This is the traditional mask of Japan which is mostly used in theatre plays and dramas. Actors wear these masks to show the insane and jealous face of a lady who is sophisticated from outside.

Kuro Hanya or black Mask

This Kuro mask pictures the saddest person. The sharp face and expressions show that the person is changed into the demon now.

Female Demon Hannya’s play in Japanese Theater

The female demon masks or specifically red Hanna masks are used in two plays which are as follows;

Aoi no ue

Aoi no ue is the story of the family with two ladies and a man. One was a wife whose name is aoi no ue, the other one was a lady, and the man was the husband of Aoi no ue. The wife was ill, and it was thought that the lady has some demons in her, and the demon was her husband’s lovers. The lover
(rukijo) was killed by Aoi no ue, and now she was taking revenge in jealousy. This was the all story due to which these female hannya masks are made to show anger, sadness or jealousy.


Dojoji is the temple in Japan, and it is also the play that depicts the story of the jealous woman who turned herself into the snake to take revenge. She hit that man who scorned her into the temple and burning him to death as he tries to take refuge under the bell of the temple. In this act, a dancer wears nine different outfits along with various props to make this play amazing and inspiring.

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Our Verdict

Kabuki mask is here to provide you with the best demon theatre masks. Hanny mask is one of them. We kept theatre and drama actors in mind while crafting these masks. We offer you the best hand-carved and hand-painted hannya mask along with free and fast shipping.

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