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Amazing Authentic Guy Fawkes Mask Collection

Intrigued about those masked popular heroes at festivals? Looking to showcase something familiar and be the talk of the town? Then you are in the right place. This is one of the best sites where you can buy the Guy Fawkes mask without any qualms about the quality and the finish of the mask.

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History of Vendetta and Anonymous Masks

Throughout the evolution of human civilization, in every part of the world, symbols have held great importance. The Guy Fawkes masks are considered to be a very fashionable and elegant depiction of the very popular Guy Fawkes who was one of the famous members of the gunpowder plot.

How many of you know about the gun powder plot? This event happened back in November 1605, when an attempt was made to blow up the British parliament, the House of Lords in London. The anonymous masks mainly gained popularity after the renowned comic series named as “V for Vendetta”, which started in 1982 in which it was shown that the main character used to wear the same mask.

Later in 2005, a political action film was released which made it even more common and then it started to be used as a costume for protests and marches against banks, politicians and also the financial institutions. Though these practices became widespread after these famous releases, they were also used as it helped the individuals to hide their identity and also take part and show their commitment towards the noble cause.

What is the actual history incorporated with the anonymous masks?

The mask was used unanimously in 2008 at first, for the protest of a Chanology project that organized a march at the Church of Scientology.

In a reaction of the church’s endeavor to discard the content on the internet such as the videos that had interviewed a Scientologist celebrity, Tom Cruise, the protest was arranged. Masks were given to the people who attended the protest in order to keep them safe from the fret of harassment.

Making of Masks

Why do you think these masks got popular among the people and why people supported the use of these masks? These masks are usually made of plastic and have been demanded very much during the protest and due to this reason, mass production of these masks are done at the times of protest and are also shipped from Asian countries that tend to be cheaper than the western regions.

The adoption of these masks by the protestors in the marches against government agencies banks or other financial institutions has led it to become the top-selling mask on the Amazon website that approximately sells around a thousand masks per year. That is a huge number of masks that are bought by people.

Colors and Variants

This mask is considered to be a signature mask, so unlike the masks found around the world, it has a specific color and design that expresses a lot about its usage. An illustrator named as David Lloyd designed this mask with a smiling face that had a cherry red blush on the cheeks.

It had a big black moustache and a very thin pointed beard on the chin. The whole face is pale and the eye area is a hole for the people to see through it. This style of the mask later became popular and symbolized protest after its usage in the very popular comic series and movie V for Vendetta.

These masks are considered to be very unique from the typical masks that were already available and were generally used for stage dramas. The uniqueness and the design of the mask grabbed the attention of people which made its use widespread in a very short period.

What V for vendetta mask symbolize for?

People all around the world have some issues or the other leading to a need for the protest. Isn’t it? All these people from different parts of the world do protests for different reasons and through different ways, but these anonymous masks have become very ubiquitous in all the marches.

The V for Vendetta masks has become a national symbol for protest across boundaries. The ‘V’ represents the five in the roman language which was the room number when he was put behind the bars. This symbol was adopted because it showed his agenda against the government that crushed him.

Whenever there is a situation when there is a rally in any part of the world be it Madrid, Sao Paolo, Poland or India people in the specified region start selling these masks in bulk quantities. These masks helped the general public put their viewpoint and their ideas to the people in power without any fear of breach of identity.

These masks symbolize unity and solidarity among the people present in the protest and are considered to be something common between every individual. Before the release of the movie or the comic book, this mask was considered to be a celebration mask in the memory of the burning and hanging of Guy Fawkes but afterward, it became a symbol of freedom and a mandatory part of the protest.

Where to buy Guy Fawkes Mask

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