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Japanese Demon Mask Collection at Kabuki Mask

Usually, people find Japanese demon masks at occasions, shrines or festivals. Still, we are here to provide you (especially theatre or drama actors) all these traditional masks any time of the year as most of the masks are worn by dancers or actors to perform a role on the stage. The idea of the masks is generated from the old tales of Japanese demons, which now have become the most famous Japanese theatre masks.
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Traditional Japanese Devil mask to play in the theatre

If you are a traditional Japanese theatre or drama actor, then you might be wondering for a perfect place to get those Japanese devil masks to play in the theatre. Kabuki masks are all here for your ease- to provide you with the best Japanese demon masks. Here are some of the best drama masks which you can get from our site.
Oni masks, noh, and kyogen masks, kitsune, hyottoko, men-yoroi, and okame.
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Things you should know about Japanese Demons and Spirit

When it comes to the history of Japan, then you should know that it is full of demons and spirits. Are you scared? No need to because these are just tales for us. Here are some demon and spirits which are quite popular in Japan and they believe that these demons are still there.

Kuchisake Onna: A murderous woman with a hellish and gaping mouth

Kuchisake onna is a murderous woman whose name if translated becomes ‘a slit-mouthed woman’. It was the story of a woman who was punished by her husband due to some bad deeds. This ghost appears at night putting on the mask on her face and asks people various questions like ‘am I beautiful’ if someone says no she will kill him instantly but if someone says yes then she takes off her mask and show that particular person her real hellish, gaping face.

Yuki-Onna: The deceptive snow beauty

Yuki-onna was the snow woman who is founded in snow and covered with it. She is a white lady with long black hair. It is said that when she walks on the snow, you won’t find any footprints behind her. People usually say that she was killed in the snow, and now she kills people to take revenge.

Chochin Obake: A mischievous paper lantern ghost

As a name describes, it is a paper lantern that does not harm anyone physically but scare everyone and finds joy in it. It is a concept in japan that lantern ghosts become yokai after 100 years of use. They believe in the fact that everything even inanimate objects have a soul. It is mostly kept in temples or theatre plays.

Gashadokuro: A motley crew of skeletons

These are the bones of those unfortunate people who have perished on the battlefield and become gashadokuro. These are mainly skeletons of normal people, but the sizes of the skeleton are fifteen times the size of normal people. They got food from killing people and drinking their blood, just like Dracula.

Yama Uba: Children-eating mountain hags

You can find these hags on mountains, and these are also ladies that help people/travellers by sheltering them and then wait for them to sleep and kill them easily. If you are planning to go on hiking, then you should keep in mind that while hiking if you saw a suspicious house all alone in the mountain then stay away from it.
These were some tales that are mostly heard true by Japanese. We are not here for telling stories, but we are here to introduce our all-new traditional kabuki masks with you people so that you get the best one for yourself or for someone to gift as well.

We delivery Quality with Free and Fast Shipping

Our motto is to bring best, hand-crafted and premium quality Japanese demon face masks at your doorstep. We are also maintaining our services up to 100% so that you get exactly what you are looking for. We deal with different kinds of traditional Japanese demons so that every customer gets what they are looking for. We will make sure that you will get the best quality product through our service with free and fast shipping. When it comes to shipment, then our customers should be aware of the fact that we are offering reliable shipments so that you could get product delivered at your doorstep without any delay. For getting these wonderful theatre masks all you need is to visit our site and find the best demon oni for you and add it to your cart and fill the form and here we are for the delivery process.
Still, having any queries? You can feel free to contact us and ask us about any of our products so that you could believe in us and our products as well. 🙂

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