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Oni Mask – The Devil Japanese Mask

Just like our brand says, we supply you with the best Japanese devil masks. The most popular among kabuki demon mask is kabuki oni mask.
In Japan, there are also several types of masks that people wear, especially during festivities and in theatres to portray a particular character or individual. The most renowned mask that people wear during festivities or in the theatres is an Oni mask, which is also known as matsuri in Japanese.
We will here provide you the best hand-painted Japanese devil masks that you can wear on festivities, occasions or especially on theatre plays.

Best Kabuki Oni masks to ward off Evil Spirits

Well, that is crucial to say whether oni is the evil spirit or it takes away all the evil spirits out of you. Let’s have both sides of the stories so you have a better understanding of what you are purchasing from us.
Oni is the demon. They are usually picturized as a red and angry face with long sharp teeth but don’t worry, and these are not the most frightening creatures of Japan’s monsters. Wearing Japanese oni is most common during the bean throwing festival, which is also known as setsubun.
Parents can also wear these Japanese masks to frighten their children while kids can throw beans to scare the oni demon and invite good luck into their house for the new year.
Some of the best oni devils to ward off evil spirits are oni samurai mask, black oni, Japanese ogre mask which is all available at our kabuki mask store.
These are not all. These are some of the most common ones. Scroll down to get more knowledge about kabuki demon masks and also find the one that is more likely to your nature and your role in the play.

Variation of all Oni Japanese Demons

As you all know that Oni and yurei have played a vital role in Japanese culture for several years, and stories of several demons are continued to be told today. Most of them comprised of Hannaya that is a woman whose jealousy and rage turned her into a demon while still alive.
Here are just variations of demons or oni Japanese demons you don’t want to mess with;


Kiyohime was a young lady rejected by her lover (Anchin) who grew cold and lost interest in her. Realizing that he had left her, she followed him to the river and transformed into a snake while following his boat. Anchin was frightened with her monstrous face, and he sought refuge in the temple. She found him, and then she breathed fire on to the bell melting it and killing Anchin.

Yuki-onna (Snow Woman)

There are several variations of this famous Japanese tale. Yuki-onna is described as a person (a lady) having white skin, a white kimono, and long black hair. She appears during the snowfall and disappears without feet over the snow like a ghost. She feeds on human essence, and her method of killing was to freeze the person to death and then suck out their souls through their mouths.

Shuten Doji

Shuten Doji is recognized as a person with 50 feet tall height, red body, five horns, and fifteen eyes. But you do not need to afraid of this demon. It is said that warriors Raiko and Hosho infiltrated Shuten Doji as yamabushi to free some kidnapped women. After the demon passed out, the warriors killed the other oni as well and fed the prisoners.

Yamauba (Mountain ogress)

Yamauba is generally considered as the old woman who was socially excluded by society and forced to live in the mountains because she likes to eat human flesh. But once she offered shelter to a young woman who was about to give birth (yamauba was secretly planning to eat her baby). But yamauba ladies are not picky. They can eat anyone who passes by.

Uji no hashihime (Woman at Uji Bridge)

So the last tale is about again a lady Uji no hashihime who prayed to God to turn her into oni so she could kill her husband, the woman he fell in love with, and all their relatives. For this purpose, she takes a bath in the Uji river for 21 days, divided her hair into five parts, painted her body red, and went on a legendary killing spree. By her this getup not only her intended victim died but, anyone who saw her instantly died of fear.

Our promise of 100% Satisfaction

We make sure that all the customers are highly satisfied with our products and also provide you with the best and affordable kabuki masks. Most of the masks are a blend of different stories and can be worn out at different festivals or plays. Kabuki masks make sure that you find the perfect and most stylish mask for your eve or festivity. Our main ambition is to provide the best of the japan demon masks to the artists of theatres.

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