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Hand Carved Japanese Wooden Mask Collection at Kabuki Mask

Japanese masks are getting fame day-by-day, and the reason is their tradition and theatre plays revolve around these masks. Japanese believes that every mask has a story with a powerful character that may be a demon or god. At Kabukimask.com, you will be entertained by every kind of Japanese mask. Our hand carved wood masks are another level creativity and they will embellish the walls of your house and will support you a lot in your theatre acts.
So visit kabukimask.com and find the best wood mask for your character or to decorate the walls of your home.

Wood Mask of all Japanese Traditional Warriors

Elaborating stories become an easy and fun task when you have similar props or simply a mask can do a lot for you. When it comes to theatre or drama actors (especially from Japan), they are always in search of some extraordinary wood mask to elaborate their character quickly. Here are some of the best hand-carved wooden masks along with their histories to know.

Hyottoko Wood Mask

Hyottoko was a man who was renowned due to his famous trait of blowing fire with a bamboo pole, and this is the reason why people called him Hyottoko (a fireman). Although there are several tales regarding this Hyottoko mask and the other tale is regarding the boy who produces gold from his belly button. People keep this mask in their homes to bring good fortune.

Okame Wooden Mask

Okame is the wife of Hyottoko, a cheerful lady who is known as the symbol of good luck. Originally Okame comes from two Japanese names i.e., Otafuku and Okame, where Otafuku means good fortune, and Okame means long life, which elaborates that she is a fortune no matter which name you are using for her. Similar to Hyottoko masks, okame masks are hand carved wooden mask.

If you are looking for such a neatly hand carved wooden mask, then visit kabukimask.com.

Tengu Wooden Face Mask

Tengu, with his glowing face, has a bulbous nose and typically comes with the grumpy expressions is Japan’s most multi-faceted figures. Tengu is almost similar to Shinto God, who has significant roots in Chinese religion. Although the birds believe tengu of prey, easily fooled by humans or sometimes evil or sometimes God depending on the legend. You can easily find these hand carved wooden tengu masks at kabukimask.com.

Wooden Masks for Wall Hanging and Decoration

Beautiful wooden mask specifically hand carved for wall hanging and decoration purposes. Several people are surely looking for such authentic and hand carved wooden pieces to embellish the whitewashed walls of their homes, so kabukimask.com is here to assist you with an amazing collection of hand carved wooden masks for wall hanging and decoration with an affordable price range.

How Hand Carving is done on wooden masks

There are a lot of different ideas and ways you can go with decorating wooden masks, and there are several pieces that will amaze you with their authenticity and unique looks. We use a hatchet to shape the face of the mask and a metal gouge to make it hollow. We also use a small carving knife to give the wooden mask a perfect finishing, detailings, and eyes. For witnessing the actual beauty of our hand carved wooden masks, then visit our site and order any of the wood masks you are surely going to love it. You can also ask us freely and resolve your queries as well.

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