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All Amazing Collection of Japanese Noh Mask

We exhibit you the worlds best Japanese kabuki Noh masks for performing in Noh Theater or wearing them in parties or festivals. You might be wondering what does Japanese kabuki mask means, so for your ease, it is a traditional mask that replaces painted faces and makeup. As you get to know that oni masks are the most famous ones in our products, but there is another masterpiece that is primarily used as a theater mask or drama mask is none other than a Japanese noh mask. Now, what does the noh mask means? Noh is the oldest drama of Japanese culture, which is still played in theatres, and the actors tell the story in gestures and appearances in masks, and this is the reason why noh mask is also known as theater or drama mask.

We are not here to describe to you what Japanese oni mean, but we are here to provide you with the best types of noh masks, although we will elaborate you some of the details so that you know it in detail about what you are buying.

Noh Masks to play in Japan Cultural Theater

Noh is derived from the word ‘talent’ or skills. Noh drama is not like a western narrative drama, but noh performers are storytellers who use their visual appearance and gestures to suggest the essence of their tale rather than to enact it.

Noh became a distinctive form in the 14th century, and it was continually refined up to every advancing year. Now it becomes a ceremonial drama performed on auspicious occasions by professional actors.

Types of Noh Plays

There are five types of noh plays. The first type, the kami (god) play that revolves around a story of the Shinto shrine. The second type is shura mano (a fighting play) that is based on the warriors. The third type is katsura mano (a wig play) has a female protagonist. The fourth one is kyojo mono (a mad woman play) in which a leading role becomes insane due to the loss of lover or child, and the fifth type is Kiri or kichiku (final or demon), the play depicts devil strange beasts and supernatural beings.

The noh plays are relatively short with sparse dialogues, and a single Theater show usually contains any of these three plays. The program begins with okina, which symbolizes peace and prosperity in the form of dance.

Kabuki Noh Demon Mask Series of Premium Quality

There is an excellent variety of noh masks that were originally about 60 basic types, but today there are well over 200 different kinds in use. Here we are providing you with the best kabuki Japanese Theater masks. Some of the most popular ones are as follows;

Okina (old men masks)

This is the most former type of noh mask originated from sarugaku, the predecessor of Noh in the latter part of the Heian period.

Onna men (woman masks)

These women masks have various types. Some of the beautiful examples are ko-omote, wakaonna, zō, and magojirō.

Otoko men (man masks) 

There are several masks lies in this category such as Heida, chūjō, jūroku, hatachi-amari, dōji, kasshiki, and yase-otoko all are classified according to social class and character.

Kishin (demons)

These masks are developed to describe demons, goblins, or other worldly creatures. This category is further divided into two main parts, tobide (fierce gods or demonic spirits) and beshimi (goblins and other creatures).

Onryo (ghosts and spirits)

These masks are used for spirits of the dead who have regrets of some kind. In this category, there are both male and female masks. Examples of male types are ayakashi, yase-Otoko, and kawazu. Examples of female types are yamamba, deigan, and famous hannya masks.

The main aim of describing all these types is that you must encounter what types we are offering for you. If you are a theatre actor or drama actor ( noh plays), then you are going to love these masks from kabuki.

Our promise

We promise to deliver you a high-quality, premium, and hand-painted kabuki noh masks. We assure you that our products will be the best in every way. Moreover, we provide free delivery, as well. So what are you waiting for? Visit our site and get the best Japanese noh masks for sale.

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