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Best Collection of Japanese Kitsune Mask

At kabuki masks, you will get a large number of Japanese masks. So here we are with the new mask’s variety that is kitsune mak. Kitsune mask is very popular in various festivities and theatre plays in Japan. This mask is associated with the fox, and in Japan, the fox is associated with god. they have multiple perceptions which we take great care while making these kitsune animes.
We have described it well that why it has its mark on Japanese culture, so knowing about it well read below and get exciting facts about kitsune Japanese mask.

Why Japanese Fox Mask is so Famous

Japanese fox masks are popular in Japan. There are several reasons which make these masks memorable. But the primary reason is the association with the foxes. As foxes are special creatures in the Japanese culture and are taken as a messenger of Inari.
This is the reason after every rice harvesting people in Japan held a festival almost every year. The festivities remain from August to November, and every person is required to wear a kitsune fox mask. This is the main reason why these masks are so famous in Japan.

Types of Kitsune Anime

Animes also have a major role in Japanese festivals and theatres, so the kitsune animes are often used by the characters to appear in the dark or mysterious situations of the show. Dragon balls, naruto, kakurenbo, Hotarubi no Mori e, and texhnolyze are the most popular anime shows that have featured the kitsune mask.
Other than that, there are several types of kitsune masks. To understand the various types, you should know that in Japanese culture, there are good foes and bad foxes as well. Kitsune also uses these two categories and further divided the single category into thirteen sub-categories. For these reasons, we have a huge variety of kitsune masks of various shapes, sizes, designs, colours and even the expressions of the foxes’ faces. The most commonly used colours in kitsune masks are black, golden, red and white. Here are some of the good and bad kitsune spirits which people believe in and made masks naming them.


In Japanese culture, Tenko is referred to as an animal might be other than a fox, but still, they understood it as a fox they believe that it possesses people and grant them prophetic abilities. People take it as a good kitsune and start making masks like tenko looks and then it becomes tradition over there.


Kuko’s are non-physical entities that are comprised of solely divine energy. Other than that, the Japanese believe that these kukos possess immense parapsychological power such as telepathy, prophecy and remote viewing. People believe that it was a real story and think that during a war, people possess kuko as he had divine knowledge. They think that he was a righteous man and the Japanese say that kuko left with this story by calling itself tenbi as an alias.


Kyubiko is a white-furred spirit with nine tails. It is believed that there was a lady who was observed to have supernatural abilities and the Japanese thought she is one of those people who are having divine thoughts.


It is said to be a black fox that was at first just a normal fox, but after time they feel that fox have some supernatural powers which have a long story. In Japan, there is also a shrine of kurogitsune where they celebrate various festivities. On various occasions, people wear fox masks and visit that shrine.


Kinko is the manifestation of yin which means sun, not everyone knows about them, but Japanese folk tellers know it well about those creatures. There is a shrine for Kinko as well, and people worship her to get wealth and prosperity in their life ahead.

Play of Fox and cat masks in traditional Kabuki theatre

These fox and cat masks are mostly used in festivities or traditional events. But more than that these masks are frequently used in plays and dramas which you can is another reason why kitsune fox mask is so famous. Actors of theatre and drama in Japan wear these masks to show the history or tradition of Japan. We are here to provide you with the best quality fox and cat masks for wearing them and act well at the theatre. We are having a wide range of these fox theatre masks so that you could avail the best one for you.

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